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COVID-19 Response Resources for Nashville’s Entrepreneurs

EO Nashville Virtual Events

  • THURSDAY, APRIL 9th at NOON - EO Nashville members are invited to attend EO DC's webinar with Caroline Miller: Resillience & Grit in Time of Crisis.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. 
  • TUESDAY, APRIL 14, 11A.M. - How to Still Like Each Other During and After the Quarantine.  Learn from entrepreneurial couple Chelsea and Ryan Avery to discover the strategies they use to manage their family and run their business together from home for the past eight years. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. 
  • THURSDAY, APRIL 16, 11A.M. - BRAINSHIFT: MINDFUL LEADERS RISE ABOVE THE PANIC WITH ROMIE MUSHTAQ - In this 90-minute interactive training you'll have the opportunity to score your current stress level and immediately implement three basic steps to lead with calm, decision, and precision; map out your fear pattern and learn how to rise above the panic; and join an interactive Q&A on how to recognize and treat the root cause of anxiety, panic, insomnia and ADHD. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. 
  • FRIDAY, APRIL 17th, 9A.M. - Danadapani returns to discuss Safeguarding and Strengthening the Mind.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.
  • There are many virtual learning events offered by Global and other chapters! Click HERE to view all the options! 
  • Leadership in Crisis - Virtual Speaker Tour & Workshop series -  The aim of this series is to resource you as a leader in your family, business and community during the challenging time that many of us find ourselves in. Over the next few weeks and months, we have scheduled a series of deep dive discussions and live Q&A with a number of experts and thought leaders. This series, curated exclusively for the EO community, will provide practical insight and learning on a variety of topics that we hope will support you and your family as you navigate this season. Register here:  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

Other Virtual Opportunities

  • The Arbinger Institute is planning a webinar series called "Forging Resilience in Chaos" with calls April 1 - April 9, at Noon.  Click HERE for the registration link.
  • EO Member Andy Bailey is hosting lots of virtual opportunities and has posted many resources HERE. 



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Ways to Help

BUY LOCAL!       

ALWAYS look to support your EO member companies first! Open your directory and take a look at who you can help.  Although we are highlighting restaurants & retail, we want ALL of you to support each other.

EO & Catalyst member restaurants offering curbside pick-up and remember the option of buying a gift card:

EO & Catalyst member retailers you can support – whether through online orders, buying gift cards, or in some cases curbside pickup of goods.

Other efforts related to supporting small businesses:

  • Dave Puncochar of Good Wood is offering Nashville Strong Signs and donating half of the the proceeds to the restaurant, cafe or small business of your choice! CLICK HERE for more information. 
  • Josephine Restaurant Employee Relief Fundraiser. CLICK HERE to support.

Efforts related to supporting healthcare workers:

  • Meal Support for Local Clinical Staff:  https://www.gofundme.com/f/localmealsforlocalheroes; if you have a restaurant willing to help, contact Alex at aabrams@ssbinfo.com.  
  • Adam Capps is buying and donating PAPR Respirator systems for medical personnel. Each repirator kit is $1500; 30 filters are $1200. Minimum donation of $6. CLICK HERE to donate. 

*(IF you have a restaurant or retail location with options for members to easily support, OR know of other efforts to support others, please email eo@eonashville.com.)

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