Vaco represents a thought-process, business model, and rallying cry for driving the entrepreneurial spirit forward. The team at Vaco Nashville live these principles day in and day out. As part of the nationwide network of Vaco offices -  but small enough to feel like a "Cheers" episode around the office - Vaco Nashville is able to offer the speed to market that the consulting and strategic placement industry demands, but with the world class client and candidate service of a boutique firm. Vaco’s culture of entrepreneurialism, autonomy, transparency, collaboration and celebration was designed to attract and retain the strongest players in the industry to provide the absolute best service in the industry.

We recognize you may not be coming to Vaco on your best day – your accounting system implementation is behind schedule, your CIO just left or you’re seeking your next career move – but Vaco’s tenured and deeply connected team of professionals know just what it takes to turn that around. We realize we are not judged by our history of success, but by our success with each unique client. Come connect with us today, to free your tomorrow. Your Vaco Partners are pedigreed players with either deep industry experience in the discipline they serve or significant & proven experience in ours. They have cutting-edge technology driven tools, a national reach and a collective network of professionals that lead to your unique solution.

Through successfully serving thousands of clients throughout our careers, it has become simple for us to understand the type of partners our clients need and the tools required to serve. So what is difficult? Attracting and retaining these elite players to serve you for the rest of your career. Our clients want proven, pedigreed, committed partners to rely on when their career needs shift or when their company needs an infusion of talent to achieve critical objectives. Before Vaco, their choices were traditional national firms with significant turnover or small shops with limitations. Vaco was founded to address this need - to offer local ownership with a national reach. Our team has equity, autonomy, voice, growth, freedom, and talented partners across the Nation.

Your Vaco team is committed to serve you for the duration of your career in an empowered environment where they can enjoy the duration of their career.

Jessika Poirier Hatchell

Jennie Dice


"I have found my forum to be a fantastic sounding board when significant life and business issues arise, and I value access afforded through the Nashville chapter of EO to the entrepreneurial business community. " - Mark Deutschmann, Village Real Estate

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