Navigate the Journey

Navigate the Journey helps the owners and leadership teams of entrepreneurial organizations get what they want from their business and life.  The journey begins by understanding our client’s past and present realities, as well as their preferred picture of the future.  We then utilize one or a combination of the following proven processes: 

  • Entrepreneurial Operating System® - Run your business on a complete, proven system with simple practical tools.
  • StratOp - Create an actionable strategic operating plan your team will buy into & execute.
  • People Strategy - Optimize the return on your most valuable asset – your people.
  • Team Health - Improve team health & effectiveness.
  • Leadership Coaching - Grow as a leader through greater self-awareness and coaching.
  • LifePlan - Discover the long-term plan for your life.


The Navigate the Journey team has extensive experience in starting, growing and leading entrepreneurial organizations.  We specialize in helping the owners & leadership teams of companies between 10 to 250 employees, who are not content with the status quo, are growth-minded, are willing to be open & honest, and are willing to take the action necessary to take their business to the next level.

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" EO (Nashville) multiplies my business experience by an exponential factor and the dividends of membership are rich." - Arnie Malham, cj Advertising

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