Dex Imaging

DEX is the largest independent dealer of Kyocera, Konica Minolta, Canon, and HP document imaging equipment in the United States. We sell and service printers, copiers, fax units, mailing systems, and digital data management software. But what makes us unique is our depth of service experience, the product distribution infrastructure we have created to support our customers locally, and our commitment to the community. DEX’ Employee Profit Sharing program ensures the most committed support team by sharing one third of our company profits with our service and admin teams. Our employees receive a bonus in May, August, and December as part of our family focused profit sharing plan. Every DEX employee has a vested interest in delivering the best support in the industry to our business partners.

DEX' regional warehouses are fully stocked with the most diversified inventory of equipment, parts and supplies in the industry. We do this so we can provide our business partners the best support. DEX' Commitment to the Community program was founded under the principle of supporting the community we work in so it is healthy and vibrant. We give 21 cents of every dollar of profit to the local non-profit community. In the 13 years of our operations DEX has given over $10M through this program.

Mark Blaze
(615) 335-5351

Tara Bart
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Jim Hunter
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