Culture Index

Culture Index, a strategic advisory firm, works exclusively with Visionary Entrepreneurs, CEOs and Business Executives to help them scale their business by using human analytics as a leading indicator of P&L Performance. Using 7-work related traits, we help our clients drive the following measurable outcomes:

  • Top & bottom-line growth

  • Sustainable scalability – “Right people right seats”

  • Reduce turnover and increased employee engagement

  • Hiring and onboarding

    The Culture Index 3-Step Program

Strategic – We work with the Chief Executive to assess their current and long-term goals; while understanding if they have the right talent to exceed those goals.

Knowledge Transfer Workshop – A 2-day interactive workshop designed for those leading, directing, and managing people. We focus on how to get more ROI and increased engagement out of your existing team, while ensuring your new hires are exactly what you need.

Tactical – Our proven position analysis process (Culture Job | C-Job) determines what “ideal” looks like for a given role in your company. Our C-Filter Software stack ranks your applicants with a
% match to your open job roles to ensure success.

Complimentary Demo

As a part of our process, we provide CEOs and business owners a free demonstration of our program, followed by a 90-minute call or in-person meeting to diagnose your human capital.

For a complimentary demo, please contact Matt White.

Matt White


"When I joined EO, I had no idea it would make such a positive impact on my business and personal life. The wealth of experience in this organization is astounding. " - Eric Jackson, Keystone Business Solutions

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