Adams Keegan

Adams Keegan (AK) is a leading national provider of managed HR services based in Tennessee with clients in all 50 states. HR services, payroll/tax administration, employee benefits and benefits administration are delivered to AK clients through our proprietary cloud-based HR Information and Payroll System, Efficenter® and by expert HR Teams dedicated to each client. With over 30 years of industry experience, AK develops and delivers customized PEO and non-PEO solutions for businesses and nonprofits with only a handful of employees or groups with well over 5,000 employees.

Our unique approach differs from that of pure payroll or SaaS providers in that we craft customized solutions for each client to provide comprehensive management and support of their specific HR needs. While our technology compares favorably with any provider on the market, we earn and keep our clients through our people and our client-first culture of unmatched service. We offer hands-on stewardship to our clients’ businesses and employees, and are fully accountable for everything we promise to do on their behalf. Our services require no upfront capital investment, no long term agreement, and no technical support contract. We earn and keep our clients by delivering outstanding, intuitive solutions with a highly responsive “customer first” service culture.

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"EO has been invaluable to my professional and personal life. Nearly every initiative that I have implemented with my team can be traced back to an EO learning experience. EO provides a compass for companies from startup to exit, enabling entrepreneurs to not only build stronger businesses, but also to form lasting relationships with one another along the way. " - Joe Freedman, Music City Tents & Events

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