EO Nashville Member News - October 4

October 4, 2019


Three Things for EO Nashville This Week

1.  EO 25th Anniversary Event                                   
November 12, 2019- 11:30am-1:30pm, City Winery, 609 Lafayette Street

We are celebrating EO Nashville’s Silver Anniversary - 25 years of entrepreneurship in our city of dreams! Jon Acuff will present on his recent book, Finish – Give Yourself the Gift of Done. Entrepreneurs are great at starting things, so let's talk about how to finish them!

Hope you can join us for this milestone event! REGISTER TODAY

2.  Mentor Match-Up                                                                                                
October 23, 2019 – 5:30pm-7:30pm, 404 Kitchen, 507 12th Avenue Sout

In just a couple of weeks, we’ll be hosting our annual “Mentor Match-Up” and would love for you to participate – whether as a mentor, a mentee or BOTH! CLICK HERE for more details and to register! Please be sure to fill out the link on the site to let us know which role you would like to sign up for.

3.  EO Holiday Party                                                                                                    
December 7, 2019, 7:00pm-11:00pm, The Parthenon, 2500 West End Avenue

Save the date and join us at The Parthenon to celebrate the Holiday Season!  REGISTER HERE


EO Member News

Member news compiled by the Bradford Group


Andy Bailey [Petra Coach] penned a column for Business.com offering tips on finding and keeping great employees. He also wrote an article for Inc. about how to build effective multi-location teams.  

Alex Tolbert [BerniePortal] wrote an article in Recruiter about using the STAR interview method to hire in a tight market. 

David Trainer [New Constructs] wrote an article in Forbes about Michaels’ recent increase in stock. He also wrote articles for Seeking Alpha and Equities.com.  

Awards/Professional Recognition

The International Association of Business Communicators Nashville Chapter presented its 2019 Music City Gold Pen Awards and honored Jessica Hopson of Lovell Communications [Rosemary Ploren], according to the Nashville Ledger.

In the News

Andy Bailey [Petra Coach] was quoted in a Forbes article offering tips on knowing whether or not your workplace is toxic enough to quit. A Petra Coach client referenced the company in an Aviation Maintenance article about his company’s success. 

Nashville Pride featured the opening of Advance Financial’s [Michael Hodges] store in Lexington, Tennessee, and the Advance Financial Foundation’s $1,000 donation to the Henderson County 4-H. 

Alex Tolbert [BerniePortal] was quoted in a Buzzfeed article about finding a successful career in human resources. 

Mark Deutschmann [Core Development Services] was listed in the Nashville Business Journal as a notable business leader who attended Mayor Cooper’s inauguration. A site owned by a Core Development affiliate is being eyed for a multi-family residential development, according to the Nashville Post

The Nashville Post announced that Peabody Plaza, an Eakin Partners [Barry Smith] development, recently gained a major future tenant, Guaranty Home Mortgage Corp.

The Sutler Saloon [Austin Ray] was mentioned in Digital Journal as one of the “hot spots” where the country band Hudson Valley has performed.  

The Nashville Ledger announced that Renesant Bank will be the first jersey sponsor of the Nashville Soccer Club [Christopher Redhage]. The Nashville Ledger also mentioned that Currey Ingram Academy has partnered with the organization to provide the team a practice facility and later start a soccer academy using the school’s facilities. A Chamber After Hours event at a Nashville Soccer Club game was listed in the Nashville Ledger. Nashville Public Radio and the Nashville Business Journal mentioned Mayor John Cooper’s statements on the future of the MLS stadium.

Josephine [James Lewis] chef Kayla May was listed in the Nashville Scene as a chef participant in a local fundraiser. StyleBlueprint mentioned Josephine in their guide to the best fall flavors in Nashville. 

The Tennessean mentioned that the city of Nashville recently selected Bell & Associates Construction [Darek Bell] to design and build a 100-unit homeless services center and transitional housing project. 

The Nashville Entrepreneur Center [Michael Brody-Waite] was featured in the Nashville Business Journal for announcing its newly appointed CEO, Jane Allen. 

Hoodline listed Project 615 [Derek Evans] as one of the best places to find accessories in Nashville. 

Smith Gee Studio [Hunter Gee] was mentioned in the Nashville Post as the architect for a new Publix coming to East Nashville. 

The Nashville Scene featured the East Nashville Block Party and mentioned a dish from the chef at Locust, an upcoming restaurant by Ben and Max Goldberg [Strategic Hospitality]. The Nashville Scene mentioned a previous restaurant pop-up at Pinewood Social in an article about upcoming dining opportunities in town. Sounds Like Nashville and the Nashville Post featured the upcoming Nashville Design Week and mentioned the event’s launch party at Bastion earlier this week. WKRC Cincinnati announced the GLOW Holiday Christmas Experience at First Tennessee Park, which will feature a 21 and older area at The Band Box. Max Golberg was listed in the Nashville Ledger as a board member of the Nashville Convention & Visitors Center. 

Adventureworks [Jennifer Halverson] was mentioned in the Rhea Herald News for conducting leadership skills development exercises at the Dayton Rotary Club’s Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Conference. 

Oak Tree Partners [K. Clay Haynes] was referenced in the Nashville Post for selling an East Nashville property to two Nashville-based companies. 

The Nashville Business Journal mentioned the previous sale of LeanKit [Chris Hefley] in an article about Nashville-based Optimum Solutions being bought by Kronos.

Evolution Event Solutions [Falon Scott] added five new team members to the company, according to the Nashville Post.  

Strategic Alliance Partner News

First Tennessee was mentioned in the Tennessean for facilitating a grant for Rebuilding Together Nashville, which allowed the organization to make a woman in need’s home more easily accessible.


EO Member Spotlight

Sean Mooney


Sean is a former private equity partner turned entrepreneur, founder and CEO. While in private equity, Sean and his peers experienced significant and growing pressures to devise new ways to more effectively assess opportunities and build value in companies under intensely competitive environments. Sean leveraged his years of experience investing in and supporting growth in data, network and information businesses to found BluWave and solve his own problem. BluWave is an innovative market network that connects private equity investors and business leaders with best in class 3rd party resources to help investigate opportunities and build and grow companies with more speed and certainty. Think of BluWave as Gartner meets a high-end Angie’s list for growing companies. In a short period of time, BluWave is supporting more than 300 private equity funds in North America. Prior to founding BluWave, Sean was in the private equity industry for nearly 20 years, most recently serving as Partner and Member of the Investment Committee of SFW Capital Partners, a leading private equity firm in New York. Sean is currently a member of the Board of Directors of Sachem Inc. and previously served on the Board of Directors of AGDATA, MD Buyline, Spectro Scientific, Ampac Packaging, and Alpha Sintered Metals. Sean received his MBA from Columbia Business School and BSBA from Georgetown University.

What is a personal piece of advice (business advice/saying/quote) that you lean on and could pass on to others?

“Stay in the batter’s box.” I think this saying sums up so much about being an entrepreneur, which requires tenacity, vision, cleverness and ability to adjust on the fly.  My brother Tim, who is a member of EO Austin, shared this advice with me after I started BluWave. BluWave was not immediately a success and wasn’t ramping as I thought it would. At the time I was very concerned about the company’s future. He encouraged me to keep on gritting it out, trying to figure out how to “get bat on ball” and constantly try slightly different ways to dial in the business. After he talked me off the cliff, I did just that. Remained perseverant, constantly A/B tested, recalibrated what we were doing, and, before I knew it, the fly wheel starting spinning and the business started growing exponentially. We use this same mindset everyday to our advantage.

Best business book you’ve ever read? 

From a book perspective, Competition Demystified by Bruce Greenwald. Bruce sets forth an elegantly simple, but very thoughtful framework for business strategy. I must say though, thanks to my crew of sage millennials, I now spend a lot of time consuming podcasts. I’ve found podcasts to be an easy, efficient and interesting way to gain insights across a variety of topics. Some of my favorite business podcasts include How I Built This, The Tim Ferriss Show, Masters of Scale, and Business Wars (which I listen to with my kids, who find this one surprisingly compelling).  

One misstep you took in your business that you could caution others about?

Beware of the N=1 phenomenon. By this I mean, don’t overly rely on your own, single perspective. I started BluWave to solve my own problem after nearly 20 years in the private equity industry. I was convinced I knew exactly what the industry needed to help accelerate value creation and founded BluWave to solve a pretty broad problem. So I concocted what I though was a beautiful, but ultimately overengineered solution that solved every conceivable problem. Everyone liked different parts of the solution, but few wanted to buy the whole thing. I eventually had the audacity to listen to our customers, which led us to deconstruct our solution and modify the way we delivered it. Had I not listened to and embraced our customers’ perspectives, we would likely be out of business today.

How do you de-stress after a particularly hard day?

Red wine, hanging out with the family, Netflix, meditation with the Headspace app (usually in that order!).

What EO event are you most looking forward to attending in the next few months?

The Moveable Feast (which will have occurred by the time this is distributed)

What’s something about you that would surprise everyone reading this?

I’m a pretty deep introvert. I can flip the switch and seem as extroverted as just about anyone. But when I do so, I physically feel my battery depleting with each moment. As part of this self-awareness, I have mastered the art of the “Irish Exit.” (Life hack: when you’re doing the Irish Exit, the key is to put your phone up to your ear and act like you are in the middle of a very important conversation. This tactic proves to be a great defense against the serial “just five more minutes” journey to the door.)

Any exciting plans for Fall that you would like to share?  

We’re very excited to be taking our family to Paris and Normandy this fall. It should be a great time of year, filled with good family time (our kids are at the age of wanting to do their own thing more and more, so we have take advantage of it while we can!), good food, and good drink.  


Other Upcoming Events

EO Think Tank:  Productivity and Peace   
October 16, 2019, 7:30am-9:00am, E|Spaces, 4322 Harding Pike #417

Join your fellow EO members for a discussion about business and personal productivity and the peace that can come from these accomplishments. Only 5 spots remain – REGISTER HERE