EO Nashville Members in the News: Mike Hodges, Alex Tolbert, Bob Levy, WIlliam Newman, Jeff Pennington, Nelson Remus, John Rowley, Dan Stephenson, John Herbold, Jake Fagan, Bob Murphy, Brett Clements

November 4, 2016

In the News:

GCA News featured coverage and photos of EO Nashville's Moveable Feast. 

The Nashville PostWBRCWSMVWFXGWMC Action NewsWECTWBTVWALBWSFAWTVMWDAMWCSC and Nashville Pride reported that Advance Financial [Mike Hodges] donated $300,000 to the Conservancy for the Parthenon and Centennial Park at the company’s 20th anniversary celebration, Party in the Park. Nashville Pridealso ran a photo gallery from the event.

Alex Tolbert [Bernard Health] was quoted in a Tennessean article about changes in health insurance coverage. Bernard Health was also referenced in second and thirdTennessean article as a contact for help with health insurance. A Bernard Health employee was quoted in USA Today about insurance premium increases in Indiana and in a WTTV article regarding open enrollment. Another Bernard Health employee offered open enrollment advice for residents of Tennessee in a segment on WSMV.WKYC featured a Bernard Health employee in a segment clarifying statements made by Donald Trump about Obamacare.

The Nashville Post recognized Paradigm Group [Bob Levy] in the November issue of “On The Move” after recently hiring five new team members in an effort to fulfill their staff expansion plan.

Edley’s Bar-B-Que [William Newman] was mentioned in a myAJC article about a couple taking a roadtrip for a barbecue tour before their wedding.

Paste Magazine mentioned SPEAKeasy Spirits [Jeff Pennington] in an article about craft distilleries in Nashville.

The Nashville Chapter of the American Marketing Association (NAMA) featured Remar, Inc. [Nelson Remus] marketing director Emily Fay in a Q&A regarding her marketing career.

John Rowley [Fletcher Rowley, Inc.] was featured on Fox Business discussing if millennials will determine the upcoming presidential election.

Dan’s Gourmet Mac & Cheese [Dan Stephenson] was mentioned in a Williamson Source article about the Wine Down Main event on Nov. 5.  

GoNoodle [John Herbold] was featured in Forbes as a way that children can use technology to unplug.

The Nashville PostAL.com and Birmingham Star reported that Lewis Communications recently purchased Caddis Interactive [Jake Fagan].

The Tennessean and News Channel 5 mentioned RPM Transportation Consultants [Bob Murphy] in their recent articles about the Metro Government restricting Pedal Tavern operation hours.

Thrillist featured The Patterson House, Merchants, Bastion and Pinewood Social [Benjamin & Max Goldberg] in an article about Nashville’s best bartenders. StyleBlueprint also talked about Le Sel and Paradise Park in a blog post about 48 hours in Nashville.

An Addiction Campuses [Brett Clements] employee was quoted in WKRN’s article about easing the stress of political posts on social media. Another Addiction Campuses employee was featured in WKRN’s article about the dangers of Adderall. WZTV quoted an Addiction Campuses employee in an article about an overdose outbreak in Murfreesboro.

The Tennessean covered Bongo Productions’ [Bob Bernstein] 1.2 million dollar real estate purchase on Belmont Boulevard.