EO Nashville Members in the News: James Fields, Elliott Holt, William Newman, Alan Looney, Darek Bell, Bob Bernstein, Charlie Brock, Benjamin Goldberg, Miranda W. Pontes, Barry Smith, Danny Whetstone

June 12, 2015


In his Tennessean column, James Fields [Concept Technology] shared ideas for tech-related vacations.

Awards and Recognition 

The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce and YP Nashville named Elliott Holt [MediCopy Services] a finalist for the Nashville Emerging Leaders award.

In the News

The Tennessean, Nashville Eater, Nashville Post, Nashville Scene and the Nashville Business Journal announced plans for a third Edley’s Bar-B-Que [William Newman] location in Sylvan Park.

[Photo courtesy of Edley's Bar-B-Que/Facebook]

The Tennessean interviewed Alan Looney [Castle Homes] for an article about the Nashville Symphony Show House. Castle Homes was also mentioned in a Tennessean interview with designer Rozanne Jackson.

Flavor574.com announced Corsair Distillery’s [Darek Bell] collaboration with three other craft distilleries to make a special blend of whiskey. The Lane Report mentioned Corsair Distillery in an article about the resurgence of craft distilleries.

The Nashville Scene discussed BingBing, a variation of the traditional Korean dessert bingsu and Hot & Cold’s [Bob Bernstein] latest dessert offering.

The Tennessean and Nibletz.com announced the kick-off of Launch Tennessee’s [Charlie Brock] 36|86 conference. TechRepublic recapped the top five pitches from day one of the conference. Julia Hartz, co-founder of Eventbrite, gave her keynote speech about millennials’ fear of missing out, as reported by the Nashville Business Journal. The Tennessean explained why investors believe there are benefits for startups located outside of Silicon Valley. The Nashville Business Journal summarized a panel discussion about the fashion industry. The Upstart Business Journal discussed the opportunities for startups to raise capital through corporate venture. The Atlanta-based PartPic won the startup contest at 36|86, as reported by the Nashville Business Journal.

Nooga.com and the Chattanoogan announced Launch Tennessee’s [Charlie Brock] partnership with Startup Angels to host AngelSummit US in Chattanooga.

Denver Eater mentioned Patterson House [Benjamin Goldberg] in an article about the World’s Best Bars.

The Nashville Scene mentioned Pinewood Social [Benjamin Goldberg] and Josephine [Miranda W. Pontes] in its weekend roundup.

The Nashville Business Journal mentioned Eakin Partners [Barry Smith] in an article about plans to bring Google Fiber to some of Nashville’s newest office buildings.

AV Magazine reported DWP Live [Danny Whetstone] has added BlackTrax to its range projection mapping technology. DWP Live was included in a Live Design article about a projection mapping display.