EO Nashville Member News — July 9

July 9, 2021


It's Back to Business in TN!  So What's Next? 5 days away!

July 14, 2021, 7:30am-9:00am, NMAAM

Join us for breakfast and a great discussion with Bob Rolfe, Commissioner of Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development and Courtney Pogue, the newly hired director of the Mayor's Office of Economic and Community Development.

This informative event will be held in the heart of all the action, at the brand new National Museum of African American Music. EO will also provide an opportunity for anyone interested to tour the museum after the event! REGISTER

EO Exchange- Get Your Financial House In Order

July 23, 2021, 9:00am-10:00am, VIRTUAL- Zoom

Join EO Nashville Strategic Alliance Partners, Alliance Bernstein and Baker Donelson, for a discussion on the need for wills, trusts, estate planning, diversifying your portfolio, and what to do if all your assets are IN the business! REGISTER

EO Exchange- Supply Chain Trickle Down Predictions 

July 30, 2021, 9:00am-10:00am, VIRTUAL- Zoom

Join supply chain expert, Scott McWilliams, for a discussion of the current supply issues that may affect you one way or another.  These issues have affected those building houses, buying cars...even just buying groceries!  Scott will also explain the trickle down effects and what the future holds. REGISTER 

EO Powerhouse Speakers Series 

The EO Powerhouse Series is designed to give exclusive access to thought leaders and change-makers across various industries.

You will hear first-hand about their stories, challenges and the journeys that have brought them to where they are today through real-time virtual keynote and moderated interview sessions.

This series was created in partnership between the Learning Committee and the EO Board. It is FREE for all EO members.

Check out the upcoming schedule:

Trevor Noah
August 31, 2021

Global comedian, successful author, philanthropist, and celebrated TV Host, Trevor Noah, joins us to share his story and how he is using laughter to change the world.

Jane Goodall
September 23, 2021

Considered the world's foremost expert on chimpanzees, Dr. Jane Goodall, has done tremendous work in the world of conservation and animal welfare for over 60 years. She has dedicated her life to improving the lives of people, animals, and the environment because she truly believes that everything is connected and everyone can make a difference. 

REGISTER HERE for all sessions

We Need Catalyst Referrals!

We need your HELP!

Our Catalyst 11 recruitment events are quickly approaching on July 22nd and July 30th.  Please take a minute to think about business owners you know who might want to attend these events to learn more about this amazing program!

CLICK HERE to submit their information and we will reach out!

We want to fill the Catalyst 11 class with awesome entrepreneurs + the most diverse class ever and need your help to make it happen.  Thanks in advance for your support!

Meet our newest EO Nashville Strategic Alliance Partner, 


AllianceBernstein ranks among the largest investment managers in the world, with over $700 billion in assets under management and 53 offices in 25 countries. AB is proud to call Nashville its home and Global Headquarters since 2019. Since 1967, they have served solely as an investment manager, providing their diverse client base with an uncommon level of transparency and consistency. And while most experienced investment managers conduct research, the independent nature of theirs—as well as the sheer breadth and scale of the effort— remains unmatched and is consistently rewarded as being the best. In an industry not typically known for innovation, AB understands the world will look different in the next ten years compared to the decades past. Rather than marketing their services, AB spends their resources on R&D efforts that ensure their clients will be well positioned for the future. This has led them to be pioneers in responsible/impact investing, alternatives and performance-based fees.

The Private Wealth Division of AB is a firm like no other. As direct investors for clients, Bernstein’s clients receive direct access to the entire firm, including the portfolio managers and world-renowned research. With a distinct core focus on business owners and entrepreneurs, they’ve created a state-of-the-art business model to guide clients through the intensified highs and lows of founders’ lives. AB aims to help clients, causes, and communities envision--and achieve--a more prosperous, meaningful future.

AllianceBernstein Forum Topics:

Printing Money: Understanding inflation and how it can impact you and your business

Pre-experience Selling Your Business: The power of seeing it before it happens

Tax changes on the horizon and what it means for you

From One CEO to Another: Discussion with AB CEO, Seth Bernstein

For more information or to schedule a forum visit, please contact:

Adam Sansiveri

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Articles & Columns

Jeff Bradford [Dalton Agency] wrote a column about public relations and content marketing and how to choose the right strategy for your business for Construction Business Owner.

The Tennessean published an article by JJ Rosen [Atiba] about the remote vs. office work debate and how it is not one size fits all.

David Trainer [New Constructs] wrote about the Free Cash Flow to Debt ratio, six stocks that made his Safest Dividend Yields Model Portfolio, Krispy Kreme's IPO, the EBITDA to debt ratio, T. Row Price Inc. and the debt to capital ratio for Forbes.

Jeff Zander [Zander Insurance Group] wrote an article for the Tennessean about insurance for every aspect of life.

Awards & Recognition

The Nashville Business Journal, Nashville Ledger, Nashville Post, Tennessean and Tennessee Tribune reported that John Dyke [The Turnip Truck] is part of Leadership Nashville’s 2021-2022 class.

In the News

DWC Construction Company [John Arndt] is overseeing interior work being done at the last home to the Downtown Nashville Antique Mall, according to Nashville Post.

Live on Purpose Radio had Michael Brody-Waite [Mask Free Movement] as a guest to speak about his journey through addiction and how it made him a better leader.

Michael Burcham [Shore Capital] was mentioned in Behavioral Health Business for providing financial backing to BrightView for its new outpatient clinic. Nashville Medical News reported that Burcham will serve as a 2021-2022 Nashville Health Care Council board member.

Tyler Cauble [The Cauble Group] was mentioned in Nashville Post for owning a property in East Nashville that is adjacent to the site of a large-scale mixed-use project.

According to Ameritrade, Tennesseans near and far can shop Project 615 [Derek Evans] on CiIty Shoppe, an e-commerce platform designed to help conscious consumers discover and support small businesses.

Nashville Post reported that Smith Gee Studio [Hunter Gee] is designing some of the future buildings for a 9.2-acre site at the Neuhoff complex in Germantown. Smith Gee Studio will handle architectural work on what will be the first mixed-use building in the residential section of West End Park, according to Nashville Post.

Edible Nashville published an interview with Benjamin and Max Goldberg [Strategic Hospitality]. Garden & Gun mentioned Bastion, The Catbird Seat and Henrietta Red as places to dine in its guide to Nashville. Cocktails by a bartender at The Patterson House are featured at White Limozeen, according to the Tennessean. The Nashville Scene reported that The Patterson House is hosting a Japanese barbecue pop-up on Sundays and Mondays through July. Pinewood Social inspired the lower level of a new home, according to Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles.

Mosaic Consulting Group [Vicki Hill] has entered into an acquisition agreement with Westward Consulting, a Kronos partner focused on workforce management, according to the Nashville Ledger.

Josephine and Burger Up [James Lewis] were included as dining favorites in 12South by Garden & Gun. Two burgers at Burger Up were included on Nashville Lifestyles’ list of Nashville’s best burgers.

Diginomica reported that LBMC Technology Solutions [Jeff McCorpin] helped implement a financial system upgrade for the Nashville Zoo.

Caregivers by WholeCare [Elizabeth Moss] is partnering with Orangetheory Fitness [Brigitte Edwards] and Move On [Bryce Adkins & Glenn McConnell] to host a city-wide baby shower to help new and expecting mothers alleviate some of the financial burden, according to Williamson Source.

The Nashville Post reported that an entity affiliated with James Pfeffer [Pfeffer Torode Architecture] is the new owner of a multi-parcel East Nashville property.

Nashville Medical News reported that Rosemary Plorin [Lovell Communications] is on the Nashville Health Care Council board of directors for 2021-2022.

Nashville Lifestyles included burgers from M.L. Rose [Austin Ray] on its list of the best burgers in Nashville.

The Peach Truck [Stephen Rose] is visiting the Tampa Bay area, according to WFTS ABC Action News. Produce Blue Book did a taste test of peaches from The Peach Truck.

David Trainer [New Constructs] was quoted in Business Insider, MarketWatch, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal about Didi’s IPO and in Bloomberg, Business Insider and Yahoo! Finance about Krispy Kreme’s IPO. He appeared on CNBC to speak about the Didi and Krispy Kreme IPOs.

David Waddell [Waddell & Associates] was quoted in the Memphis Business Journal about Memphis’ new online startup directory for potential investors to help entrepreneurs, launched by an organization where he is the chairman on the board of directors. A wealth strategist at Waddell & Associates was quoted in a CNBC about how to avoid a tax bomb after inheriting an individual retirement account.