EO Nashville Member News - July 27

July 27, 2018

Three Things for EO Nashville This Week

Who do you know for Catalyst? Our final info event is August 7th
We’re ready to kick-off our 8th CATALYST CLASS, and need your help! Think of your friends, neighbors, vendors, favorite restaurants, lawn company – you name it…and then CLICK HERE to refer them! You’d be hard pressed to think of ANY entrepreneur who wouldn’t benefit from this class.

If you would like to join them for the breakfast info session on August 7th, register yourself on the EO site HERE – but don’t feel like you have to be there.

Every year we continue to tweak and make the program stronger and stronger! Did you know they now get a workbook? We host regular happy hours for bonding time…we have cracked the code for making the small group discussion productive and meaningful…we start each meeting with Michael interviewing a SAP and relating it back to the class…the list goes on.

2. August House Parties
The Sutler Saloon, 5:30-7:30 p.m.
We will be hosting 4 Cocktail Parties in August- one for each House! But, these will be more than just your typical cocktail party! As you’ve likely heard, we really want to honor the fact that EO members are in different “lifecycles.” During your Cocktail Party, we will be dividing you into different life cycle groups so you’ll have the opportunity to talk with those facing the same challenges – and also look to those who’ve already made it to the other side! We want you all to get beyond just your forum and benefit from the experience of a larger group of EO members.

CARNEGIE HOUSE (Forums 3,7,11,16,20,24,27)- August 29th- REGISTER HERE

FORD HOUSE (Forums 1,5,10,18,22,26,29)- August 21st- REGISTER HERE

MORGAN HOUSE (Forums 4,8,12,17,21,25,28)- August 22nd- REGISTER HERE

ROCKEFELLER HOUSE (Forums 2,6,9,14,15,19,23)- August 30th- REGISTER HERE

3. Jason Dorsey – Crossing the Generational Divide
September 20, 2018, 7:30am-9:30am, The Listening Room Café, 618 4th Ave South
As entrepreneurs, we work in a time of unprecedented generational challenge. Four generations in our workforce. Five generations in the marketplace. Making matters worse, there is a tremendous amount of false information about generational differences.
What we know for a fact: Strategies that work for one generation can be a complete turn-off for others. This costly generational divide makes your role more difficult and important than ever. In this powerful presentation, bestselling author Jason Dorsey reveals brand new generational truths and step-by-step solutions you can use immediately. He’ll show you exactly how to solve the cross-generation communication, recruiting, retention and innovation challenge. These insights will drive immediate ROI for you and your business.
Jason has appeared on 200 TV shows, received over 1,000 standing ovations, and is a passionate advocate for helping EO members to drive fast growth. He’s the most sought-after Millennials and Gen Z researcher and speaker. Learn more about his Center’s research at GenHQ.com
“Generational expert Jason Dorsey has studied the strange new species known as Gen Z (humans born 2000 to present).  I guarantee you that his insight into how they see the world will have a lasting impact on both your business and your family.” – Arnie Malham, Learning Co-chair


EO Member News

Member news compiled by the Bradford Group


The senior director of online operations from Advance Financial [Mike Hodges] penned an article for the Nashville PRIDE about the lack of accessibility to credit in the U.S. and how the company is combating the problem.

BOSS Magazine published an article by Andy Bailey [Petra Coach] on how to build a healthy team within a company. Bailey also wrote an article for SmallBizDaily about communicating constructively to coworkers.

Awards/Professional Recognition:

The following EO member companies were recognized in the Nashville Business Journal’s 2018 Small Business Awards:

  • Crosslin Technologies [Justin Crosslin]
  • MediCopy Services, Inc. [Elliott Noble-Holt]
  • MooTV [Scott Scovill]
  • ProviderTrust [Chris Redhage]
  • Reed Public Relations [Lauren Reed]
  • Local Search Masters [Brad Hill]

MooTV [Scott Scovill] was also named the overall Small Business of the Year for 2018.

Lauren Reed [Reed Public Relations] and the senior director of Eakin Partners LLC [Barry Smith] were announced as winners in the 2018 Nashville Emerging Leaders Awards, as reported in the Nashville Post.

The Invest in Others Charitable Foundation named Cullen Douglass [Douglass Financial Services LLC] a winner of the 2018 Invest in Others Catalyst Award for his work with Family and Children’s Services, as reported by InvestmentNews.

In the News:

Advance Financial [Mike Hodges] was featured in a Tennessee Tribune article about “FlyGirl” coming to speak to the company. The company was also mentioned in a Nashville Business Journal article about a midtown property that is located near one of its stores.

A Tennessean article mentioned the Nashville Entrepreneur Center [Michael Brody-Waite] in an article about a former tenant’s start-up.

The Green Pheasant and Two Ten Jack [Patrick Burke] were mentioned in a Nashville Business Journal article about the retail space inside a new tower on 2nd Ave. S., where The Green Pheasant will be located.

A Nashville Business Journal article included LeanKit [Chris Hefley] in an article about Nashville’s fast-growing tech scene.

Village Real Estate Services [Mark Deutschmann] was featured in the Nashville Post for relocating its Franklin office. Another Nashville Post article mentioned Core Development Services and its upcoming groundbreaking on a mixed-use building in the Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood, slated for the end of the year.

DSi [Tom Turner] was featured in a Nashville Post article for hiring two tech industry veterans.

The Nashville Business Journal, the Nashville Scene, the Tennessean and WSMV featured Paradise Park [Benjamin Goldberg and Max Goldberg] in an article about its final weekend before permanently closing. Several of these articles also mentioned Bastion, Le Sel, The Band Box, Henrietta Red, Merchants, Pinewood Social, The Catbird Seat and The Patterson House as other restaurants owned by the brothers. Other Nashville Business Journal, Nashville Post and Tennessean articles mentioned Paradise Park in stories about other tenants in its downtown building. Country Living listed Pinewood Social as a fun place to eat in Nashville, and a chef from The Catbird Seat was included in The Takeout for the executive chef’s comment about the best food on which you can put an egg.

The Nashville Post mentioned Barry Smith [Eakin Partners LLC] for representing the seller of the Ex-Catholic Diocese Headquarters on 21st Avenue.

The Nashville Soccer Club [Chris Redhage] was mentioned in a Tennessean article analyzing the approval process for the construction of an MLS stadium in Nashville. Another Tennessean article talked about the Predators’ longtime announcer who called the play-by-play at a recent Nashville Soccer Club game.

WBRC mentioned Healthcare Bluebook [Jeff Rice] as a way to obtain healthcare cost estimates.

Stategic Partner Spotlight

Pinnacle is much more than a place to deposit money; and, to our associates, Pinnacle is much more than just a place to work.

Our Vision

To be the best financial services firm and the best place to work in the Southeast.

Our Mission

Pinnacle Financial Partners will:

  • Provide distinctive financial service and effective advice to clients
  • Enrich associates personally, professionally and financially
  • Make a significant positive impact on the community
  • Create outstanding long-term value for shareholders

Our Values

Actions count – not what's on paper. Pinnacle is a values-driven organization. From our hiring philosophy to our client service, our goal is to demonstrate our values in every interaction.

  • Integrity
  • Fairness
  • Learning
  • Partnership
  • Results
  • Balance
  • Discipline

Our Strategy

The Pinnacle approach is a very people-centric one. It takes an unwavering focus and commitment of leadership to make it work. The same five key business strategies Pinnacle has employed since inception shape our focus today:

  • Focus on businesses, real estate professionals and consumers that desire a deep relationship with their financial partner.
  • Provide distinctive service and effective advice.
  • Hire and retain highly experienced and qualified financial services professionals.
  • Offer a full line of financial services including banking, investments, mortgage, trust, insurance and financial planning.
  • Offer extraordinary convenience.

For more information or to schedule a Forum visit, please contact:

Kevin Roddey








Other Upcoming Events

The EO NERVE Conference
September 12-14, Buffalo, NY
One of the very best ways to get more out of your EO membership is to get out of Nashville and enjoy the regional and global opportunities of EO.  So register for NERVE now
SPEAKERS:  They have a schedule full of great speakers, such as Jim Kelly (Pro Football Hall of Fame), Rhonda Kallman (Samuel Adams Brewery), Megan Bruneau (The Failure Factor), among many others.
SOCIAL: How cool is this??? The opening ceremony is at Niagara Falls! The other nighttime events will be fantastic, plus there are lots of cool MyEO events available such as salmon fishing, sailing, golfing, and foodie events.
PRICE: $1,495.00
FURTHER DISCOUNTS: If your entire forum attends (this is a great opportunity to tack onto your forum retreat!) the forum gets $1000! Also, new members can use their event voucher of $500 off.
REGISTER HERE: www.eonerve.com