EO Nashville Member News – January 8

January 8, 2021


Rob_Lime.jpgRob Lime: Why Salespeople Fail

January 21, 2021, 7:30am-11:15am, JW Marriott

Join Rob Lime to learn the myriad of reasons salespeople (and sales organizations) fail more than they succeed, and what you can do about it immediately. This session will place special emphasis on the application of  solutions in a virtual environment.

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Belmont Executive Learning Series with Stedman Graham

January 22, 2021, 11:30am-1:15pm, Virtual, Zoom

Join Stedman Graham to learn how to become a passionate, purposeful, and meaningful leader through identifying who you are, your strengths, and your skills. This presentation will be based on his New York Times bestselling book Identity Leadership. 

Our members will also have a PRIVATE-EO Nashville ONLY-Q&A with Stedman for 30 minutes following the event from 12:45pm-1:15pm. REGISTER

Chester Santos: International Man of Memory

February 9, 2021, 6:00pm-9:00pm, City Winery

Chester Santos has left an impression on all corners of the earth. With his unique ability to not only demonstrate extraordinary feats of the mind, but also to educate others to do the same, this U.S. Memory Champion is widely regarded to be the world’s leading memory skills expert and  has helped millions of people around the world realize the benefits of an improved memory and sharper mind.

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New Bi-Weekly Series


Our new event series, EO Exchange, began today!  
These events are designed so the experts start the conversation, but we highly encourage members to exchange ideas and experiences throughout the event, and then we break out into groups for further connection.  

Here is more info on our next 4 events:

Pandemic, Pandemonium, and Payoff
January 22, 2021

Join Jim Cumbee of Tennessee Valley Group to learn how a roaring stock market, ridiculously low interest rates, and a new vaccine might affect the sellability of your business over the next 18 months.


Pandemic Parenting 
January 29, 2021

Being a parent during this pandemic is a unique challenge, especially as we strive to keep our children motivated and emotionally-regulated in order to learn! Join Caitlin Rissler as she explores guiding principles and practical coping strategies for elementary through college students followed by a breakout session with parents of similarly-aged children. 


EO Exchange – Blockchain / Bitcoin – not one in the same
February 5, 2021


Join this collaborative discussion with three diverse perspectives on the world of Blockchain. What is blockchain technology? Should I use it? Is it really just a phantom commodity? How are people using it today and what does it mean for the future of technology? 


The Realities of Current Employee Expectations
February 19, 2021


Join Martha Boyd of Baker Donelson along with Brian Evans and Charles Rodriguez (VP, Human Capital Management) of Adams Keegan to explore the realities of current employee expectations from a legal and cultural perspective... as it relates to COVID-19. 


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David Haase
MaxWell Clinic

David Haase, MD is a Vanderbilt, Mayo Clinic, double board certified,VERY CURIOUS physician.

In 2003, Dr. Haase founded the MaxWell Clinic in Nashville, Tennessee as a living laboratory to explore the question "What Creates Health?" and he has been incessantly innovating in the fields of nutrition, genomics, systems biology, apheresis, and brain performance since. He is founder of a non-profit organization that helps youths make healthier choices for their bodies and their communities (www.TheFoodInitiative.org) and he is the Chief Medical and Innovation Director for XYMOGEN, the world's largest professional-only supplement manufacturer. Dr. Haase serves on several boards of companies in the progressive medical space.

Over the last 10 years, Dr. Haase has been pioneering a new approach to slow, halt and even reverse cognitive decline which combines an increasingly thorough systems medicine assessment and plan with Regenerative Plasma Exchange in the hopes of inducing multi-tissue regeneration.

Dr. Haase is a sought-after lecturer and teaches internationally about the root causes of disease and is author of "Curiosity Heals The Human: Solving the ‘Unsolvable’ with Better Questions and Advanced Technologies."

What is a personal piece of advice (business advice/saying/quote) that you lean on and could pass on to others?

It is my signature line – a quote from Henry Ford – "If I would have asked people what they wanted they would have said 'faster horses.'" 

Best business book you’ve ever read?

Good to Great

One misstep you took in your business that you could caution others about?

Embezzlement – set up your finances for high accountability, segmentation, and checks/balances.  

How do you de-stress after a particularly hard day?

Talk to other progressive physicians from across the US. 

Have you come up with any creative social activities in 2020 that you would like to share? 

I have been using more voice messages as small recordings on texts – it is interesting how much more this has lead to intimacy and feeling being transmitted in brief communications.  

What’s something about you that would surprise everyone reading this?

I have a hard time remembering to take my supplements. :-) 

What EO benefit has been most valuable to you during these uncertain times?

Forum, definitely. Never has there been such a need for trust and respect to be made manifest, which it has done so. I have been amazed at the level of support I have witnessed and experienced as forum members interact. 


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Articles & Columns

David Trainer [New Constructs] wrote about fool’s gold, see through the dip stocks, free cash flow, CarMax, one sector with a rising ROIC in 2020 and the price to economic book value rising for Forbes. He also penned articles for Seeking Alpha.

Awards & Recognition

The Nashville Business Journal published its 2020-2021 book of lists. EO Nashville members that were included on a list are:

  • GHP Environmental + Architecture [Dominique Arrieta] 
    • #5, largest women-owned businesses (ranked by revenue)
    • #18, largest architectural firms (ranked by number of local registered architects)
  • Bell & Associates [Darek Bell]
    • #8, largest general contractors (ranked by construction billings), 
    • #34, fastest-growing private companies (ranked by 3-year revenue growth) 
    • #32, largest private companies (ranked by revenue)
  • The Bradford Dalton Group [Jeff Bradford] 
    • #5, largest advertising agencies (ranked by advertising revenue)
    • #7, largest public relations firms (ranked by PR fee income)
  • Trinisys [David Box] 
    • ○ #13, largest health care IT companies (ranked by local IT employees)
  • The Cauble Group [Tyler Cauble]
    • #21, largest commercial real estate brokerage firms (ranked by sales volume)
    • #25, largest commercial real estate brokerage firms  (ranked by lease volume) 
  • Acumen Technology [Sonny Clark]
    • #19, technology services firms (ranked by number of tech employees)
  • Crosslin [Justin Crosslin]
    • #13, largest accounting firms (ranked by number of professionals)
  • DePalma Studios [Floyd DePalma] 
    • #11, largest veteran-owned businesses (ranked by revenue)
  • Mark Deutschmann [Core Development Services] 
    • ○ Power 100 Dealmaker
  • Sherry Deutschmann [BrainTrust]
    • Power 100 Connector
  • Concept Technology [James Fields]
    • #11, technology services firms (ranked by number of tech employees)
  • Hardaway Construction Group [David Frazier] 
    • #8, fastest-growing private companies (ranked by 3-year revenue growth) 
    • #11, largest general contractors (ranked by construction billings)
    • #49, largest private companies (ranked by revenue)
  • Smith Gee Studio [Hunter Gee] 
    • #9, largest architectural firms (ranked by number of local registered architects)
  • Strategic Hospitality [Benjamin & Max Goldberg] 
    • #3, largest restaurant groups (ranked by number of locations)
    • Power 100 Trendsetters
  • Absolute Wireless [Robert Hartline] 
    • #9, fastest-growing private companies (ranked by 3-year revenue growth) 
    • #74, largest private companies (ranked by revenue)
  • Virsys12 [Tammy Hawes]
    • #24, largest women-owned businesses (ranked by revenue)
  • Advance Financial [Michael Hodges]
    • #2, largest family-owned businesses (ranked by revenue)
    • #3, fastest-growing private companies (ranked by 3-year revenue growth)
    • #16, largest private companies (ranked by revenue)
  • Sprocket Rocket [Emmit Martin] 
    • ○ #2, largest transportainment companies (ranked by number of admissions to tours)
  • MitechUSA.com [Bill McCleskey] 
    • #9, largest minority-owned businesses (ranked by revenue)
  • FoxFuel Creative [Colton Mulligan] 
    • #10, largest advertising agencies (ranked by advertising revenue)
  • A. Ray Hospitality [Austin Ray] 
    • #4, largest restaurant groups (ranked by number of locations)
  • ProviderTrust [Christopher Redhage]
    • #14, largest health care IT companies (ranked by local IT employees)
  • Pfeffer Torode Architecture [James Pfeffer] 
    • #19, largest architectural firms (ranked by number of local registered architects)
  • Lovell Communications [Rosemary Plorin]
    • #4, largest public relations firms (ranked by PR fee income)
  • Capital Financial Group/Continuum Planning Partners [Timothy Sinks]
    • #21, largest financial planners (ranked by total local investment assets)
  • Eakin Partners [Barry Smith] 
    • #6, largest commercial real estate brokerage firms (ranked by lease volume) 
    • #13, largest property management firms (ranked by square foot managed) 
    • #16, largest commercial real estate brokerage firms (ranked by sales volume)
    • Co-founder and chairman named a Power 100 Heavy Hitter
  • Archangel [Ken Thomas] 
    • #3, largest minority-owned businesses (ranked by revenue)
    • #5, largest veteran-owned businesses (ranked by revenue)

In the News

David Trainer [New Constructs] appeared on CNBC to discuss the rise of Tesla stock. CNN Business and CBS SF BayArea quoted Trainer about Tesla’s first day on the S&P 500. A chart by New Constructs was included in an Investing.com article about Airbnb stock. 

The Tennessean and Music Row mentioned Moo TV [Scott Scovill] as one business that helped make this year’s music industry toy drive a success. 

Christopher Redhage [Nashville SC] was mentioned in the Tennessean for donating to Nashville’s second mini-pitch project to grow soccer in urban communities. 

Pfeffer Torode Architecture [James Pfeffer] is handling the design work on an ex-car wash site in East Nashville that is transitioning to a food and beverage business, according to the Nashville Post. The Nashville Post also reported that Pfeffer Torode is serving as the architect of a mixed-use project planned for East Nashville. A home that Pfeffer Torode designed was featured in the Tennessean as one of the top 10 homes sold in Williamson County in 2020. The Times News reported that Pfeffer Torode presented Rogersville, Tenn., city leaders with a proposed layout for a new city complex that it is designing.

Jeff Pennington [Pennington Distilling Co.] was featured on WKRN discussing how his company has stayed afloat amongst March’s tornado and the pandemic. 

Gail Peace [Ludi, Inc.] appeared on the JDSupra podcast to speak about life as a CEO, building her business and the challenges of being a female founder. 

Elliott Noble-Holt [MediCopy] was featured in Inc. for growing his business using ethics and honesty. 

Josephine [James Lewis] was listed in Eater Nashville as one of the Nashville restaurants offering New Year’s Eve takeout meals. A Bobby Bones Show employee listed Burger Up as one of her favorite Nashville dinner spots. She also listed M.L.Rose and The Sutler Saloon [Austin Ray] as her brunch choices. 

The Tennessean mentioned William Kirkland [The Kirkland Co.] as the broker for a recent Nashville property sale, Parliament Place. 

The Tennessee Lottery issued Advance Financial Money Transmission Company [Michael Hodges] a betting vendor registration, according to the Tennessean

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported that Bristol Development Group [Ashlyn Hines Meneguzzi] sold an apartment complex in Richmond, Virginia. 

Strategic Hospitality [Benjamin & Max Goldberg] restaurant Pinewood Social was featured in CEPro for its drive-in theater that was created during the pandemic. Eater Nashville included Bastion and Henrietta Red as two places to order New Year’s takeout. Locust was listed as a place the Tennessean’s restaurant critic has yet to visit. 

The Nashville Post reported that Smith Gee Studio [Hunter Gee] is designing a 27-story mixed-use tower planned for Midtown. 

Project 615 [Derek Evans] is selling “Nashville Strong” T-shirts and will donate proceeds to victims of the Christmas Day bombing, according to Fox17, Fast Company, the Tennessean, WKRN and WSMV News4. 

StyleBlueprint featured 42 positive moments from 2020 and quoted Sherry Deutschmann [BrainTrust].

Tyler Cauble [The Cauble Group] is the new owner of an East Nashville property that is being eyed for a mixed-use project, according to the Nashville Post. The Nashville Post and Nashville Scene reported that Cauble announced specifics for a former car wash property in East Nashville, where he is planning a food and beverage business.

Michael Brody-Waite [Great Leaders Live Like Drug Addicts] appeared on the Entrepreneur Perspectives podcast to speak about his story and the mask-free leadership movement. 

The Nashville Post mentioned Corsair Distillery [Darek Bell] as an anchor tenant in Marathon Village. The Knoxville Focus reported that Bell & Associates reconstructed the historic Jackson Avenue ramps, which partially opened on New Year’s Eve.  

The Nashville Post reported that Armstrong Building Group [Kyle Armstrong] will handle the renovation of two structures that are planned for a restaurant in The Nations.