EO Member News – January 10

January 10, 2020


What Saved our Forum- Panel Discussion

January 23, 2020

Nashville Entrepreneur Center, 41 Peabody




Kindra Hall- Strategic Story Telling

January 29, 2020

The Listening Room, 618 4th Avenue South





MyEO: Women of EO Brunch

January 26, 2020

Sperry's Cool Springs, 650 Frazier Drive
All women of EO Nashville are invited to a Sunday Brunch. Please also bring along a girlfriend that might be interested in learning more about EO.



January is Forum Health Month! 

January is Forum Health Month, so we want to make sure that your forum experience is all you want it to be!  There are a couple of things you can do to help with this:

*Complete the EO Nashville Forum Health Survey (CLICK HERE). Do it! And pay attention to the questions. They’re really important!

*You can also attend the “What Saved Our Forum” panel discussion on Thursday, January 23rd at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center.  Come hear experience shares and best practices from other EO Nashville forum members.  Everyone is encouraged to attend! REGISTER HERE

*Lastly, CLICK HERE to watch a short Forum bites video on 5% reflection/deep dives.  You need both of these to add Forum value!


Forum Health Spotlight

From Arnie Malham, Forum 6, Rockefeller

Like most, Forum Six feels like a unique band of misfits that somehow trust each other.  That trust has been built over years of shared experiences that range from the sublime to the absurd, but somehow we’ve survived, thrived, and keep coming back for more. Ultimately, our forum’s success has been predicated by each member’s willingness to bring to forum exactly what they want to get out of it....members who listen without judgment, trust without limits, and share without fear.


Julie Robinson
Cypress Membership Medicine

Julie Robinson, CEO of Cypress, is a leader in the space of concierge-style medicine. She possesses a wealth of industry knowledge and has used that knowledge to help foster the company’s reputation as a physician first organization. Her professional passion is helping both physicians and patients understand both the short and long-term benefits of a concierge-style medical practice.

Prior to Julie accepting the role of CEO, she served as Chief Operating Officer at Cypress for four years. While COO, her influence in the industry was undeniable, being named one of the “Industry Leading Women in Concierge Medicine” by Concierge Medicine Today Magazine, the nations’ leading trade publication for the industry. She has been a sought-after speaker at concierge medicine conferences across the country and has contributed to numerous articles and publications on the subject.

Before joining Cypress, Julie experienced a great deal of personal success as Regional Vice President of Sales for a Birmingham based concierge medicine company. Additionally, her healthcare career includes pharmaceutical sales and working as a concierge medicine patient advocate.

Julie is an honor roll graduate of Southern Illinois University with a B.S. in Political Science and Paralegal Studies. She spends her free time raising her teenage son, participating in Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) functions in Nashville and around the country as well as various volunteer activities in the community and through her church.

Best business book you’ve ever read?

Built to Sell by John Warrillow. I heard about when I went through Catalyst a few years back and the simple straightforward tenets put forth in the book have helped as guiding principals for our business over the past few years. 

Although, I also need to give a shout out to one of my forum mates (Thanks Jeff Schneider!) for recommending Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as If Your Life Depended on It by Chris Voss. His approach to negotiations – which occur in business and our everyday life – using emotional intelligence and conversation strategies have continued to help me work through the never-ending conflicts we face as business owners (and human beings). It’s a must read!

One misstep you took in your business that you could caution others about?

I’ve been working with a partner since the launch of our business. He’d had experience with building/starting new businesses while I had the knowledge of our particular industry. A regret, or misstep, would be that I gave too much of the decision-making power away assuming a more passive role than I should have. It’s been a process and lesson in self-discovery, but in hindsight, I would have absolutely taken a more assertive role in steering the ship.  

How to you de-stress after a particularly hard day?

I change my surroundings. Anything from spending time with friends, hanging out with my 15-year-old (or going to one of his wrestling meets) or just having a cocktail at home watching Netflix. Learning to ‘turn it off’, get a good night’s sleep and regular exercise has been critical to getting out of my own head and maintaining any sort of sanity.   

What EO event are you most looking forward to attending in the next few months?

I’ve signed up for several that I’m excited about but the one I’m most looking forward to is the Chapter Retreat in NOLA. I had such great time last year in Austin getting to know and spend time with other EO members. The instant connection and the ‘get to know you’ conversations were immediately deeper and more meaningful because of nature of EO.  As a new chapter member, I can say that those new connections had both an immediate and lasting effect on how much I’ve been able to enjoy EO Nashville. I’ve got complete faith that the NOLA Chapter Retreat will bring more of the same!

What’s something about you that would surprise everyone reading this?

I spent a couple years in my early 20’s as a ballroom dance instructor. It was a fun job and I stayed in amazing shape! Tango anyone? 

Any exciting plans for 2020 that you would like to share?   

While I’ve been an owner and operator of Cypress since we launched in 2012, I only recently took over as CEO. We’ve got some exciting things on the horizon for 2020 and I’m thrilled to be in the position to bring those things to fruition. What a strange and exciting journey entrepreneurship has been!


Other Upcoming Events

Dandapani- Unwavering Focus
February 7, 2020, 8:00am-6:00pm, Nelson Andrews Leadership Lodge

Back by popular demand, we hope you can join us for a deep dive into the study of the mind with Dandapani. As Dandapani often says, ”The mind is the most powerful tool we have, yet most of us have never been taught how it works and have never been trained on how to use it properly.” Dandapani will teach three states of mind: how to work with unresolved emotional experiences that are buried in the subconscious and dictate how we act and react; how to cultivate intuition and overcome fear, worry, anxiety and stress; and how to create positive patterns in the subconscious that can assist us in living the habits we want to cultivate.

This full day workshop is for Members and Spouses/Significant Others, but singles are absolutely welcome as well.



Articles & Columns

David Trainer [New Constructs] wrote articles about fees to buy overvalued stocks and two stocks that should beat earnings expectations for Forbes. He also penned columns for Seeking Alpha and Equities.com

In the News

Steelhead Building Group [Kyle Armstrong] is serving as the general contractor on an East Nashville project, as reported by the Nashville Post.

The Nashville Post reported that Darek Bell [Bell & Associates] sold the Wedgewood-Houston property that is home to Corsair Distillery. The Nashville Post also mentioned that Bell sold the building housing Jackalope Brewing Company in December. One of the leaders on ENRSoutheasts 2020 Top Young Professionals list is overseeing a project by Bell & Associates. The Nashville Post announced that a mixed-use project is being eyed for a site near Marathon Village and said the area is anchored by Corsair Distillery. 

The Nashville Scene listed Strategic Hospitality’s [Benjamin & Max Goldberg] Paradise Park Trailer Resort, part of Downtown Sporting Club, as a story to watch in the restaurant scene for 2020. Vogue listed Locust as one of 2020’s most anticipated American restaurant openings. The Nashville Business Journal, Yahoo! Lifestyle and The Commercial Appeal mentioned the restaurant’s prestigious listing in Vogue. Culture Map reported that The Catbird Seat was named one of the most important restaurants of the decade by Esquire. The former chef of The Catbird Seat will be part of a breakfast fundraiser to help Australia’s animals, according to the Nashville Scene.

The Vanderbilt Hustler announced Liza Graves [StyleBlueprint] as a speaker at the Vanderbilt Entrepreneurship Conference. 

The Advance Financial Foundation [Michael Hodges] has been recognized as a presenting partner of the Adventure Science Center’s subsidized membership program, according to the Nashville Post, Nashville Pride and the Tennessee Tribune.

Forbes featured one of Josephine’s [James Lewis] cocktails on a list of drinks guaranteed to warm you up this winter. 

LMBC Technology Solutions [Jeff McCorpin] acquired Charlotte-based InterDyn Artis according to the Nashville Business Journal, the Charlotte Business Journal and Accounting Today.  

The Nashville Post announced that local entrepreneur Darren Metz [NovaTech] sold his multi-parcel West Nashville property.

The design and building firm responsible for the Lovell Communications [Rosemary Plorin] offices is now undertaking commercial construction work, according to the Nashville Post.

The Tennessean listed The Sutler [Austin Ray] as one of the top five places you should visit for Taco Tuesday in Nashville. 

The Nashville Soccer Club [Christopher Redhage] has expanded its roster through the MLS SuperDraft, as reported by the Nashville Post. The Nashville Post also featured the club’s additions to its coaching staff.

The Nashville Post revealed that Reed Public Relations [Lauren Reed] is relocating its offices from Midtown to Wedgewood-Houston. 

Strategic Alliance Partner News

Glenn Bradley has been named senior vice president of First Horizon Bank’s medical private banking group in Middle Tennessee, according to the Tennessean.