EO Nashville Members in the News: Andy Bailey, Alex Tolbert, Tom Turner, Dan Hogan, Benjamin Goldberg, Rosemary Plorin, David Box, Will Newman, Mike Rustici, John Arndt, Leslie Embry, Steve Curnutte

January 29, 2016

Articles /Columns


Andy Bailey [Petra Coach] discussed keeping your business healthy by taking care of yourself in his All Business article.

Alex Tolbert [Bernard Health] addressed the uncertain future of health insurance providers in his article for the Tennessean.

Tom Turner [DSi] discussed the importance of company culture and how it can attract new clients in his article for Inc.com.

Awards/Professional Recognition

The Nashville Post reported that Dan Hogan [Medalogix] was named Innovator of the Year and Medalogix won Early Stage Company of the Year at the 7th Annual Nashville Technology Council Awards.

The following were listed as the Nashville Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 winners for 2016:

  • Benjamin Goldberg [Strategic Hospitality]
  • A senior account supervisor at Lovell Communications [Rosemary Plorin]
  • A marketing and sales support employee at Trinisys [David Box]

In the News
Sports Net mentioned Edley's Bar-B-Que [Will Newman] in an article about a first-timer’s guide to fun in Nashville during the NHL All-Star Weekend.  

The Nashville Business Journal and StockMarketWire.com reported Rustici Software [Mike Rustici] has been bought by United Kingdom-based Learning Technologies Group.

The Nashville Post and Nashville Business Journal reported DWC Construction Company [John Arndt] will handle the job of renovating Warby Parker’s space in the L&C Tower.

Leslie Embry [Blowout Co.] discussed her entrepreneurship journey in a Belle Savant new business profile.

Pinewood Social [Benjamin Goldberg] was mentioned as a neighbor to a proposed new construction site in the Nashville Business Journal. The Tennessean and the Nashville Business Journal reported that Strategic Hospitality Group is in a partnership with the Printers Alley hotel project.

Steve Curnutte [Tortola Advisors] was quoted by the Nashville Post about the sale of the Cool Springs Life Sciences Center.

Live Design quoted Danny Whetstone [DWP Live] in an article about his company’s work with projection mapping for Adele Live in New York City.

The Tennessean interviewed a realtor at Village Real Estate [Mark Deutschmann] about creating a stress-free experience.

O’Dwyer’s reported the opening of Lovell Communication’s [Rosemary Plorin] new office in Baton Rouge, La.

The Tennessean mentioned Two Ten Jack [Patrick Burke] in an article about pho and ramen restaurants in Nashville. NHL.com and the Nashville Business Journal both reported that Two Ten Jack was one of Nashville Predators goalie, Pekka Rinne’s, suggestions for people visiting Nashville.

The Nashville Business Journal mentioned the Eakin Partners [Barry Smith] building as a neighbor to a new office building development.

Photo by rousearts CC by 2.0 via Flickr