EO Nashville Member News - Feb. 23

February 23, 2018

Three Things for EO Nashville This Week

1. Second-in-Command Applications Due TODAY! 
Apply today for this incredible program that gives your SIC the tools and understanding to take the "noise" away so you can spend your time and energy doing what you do best. Space is limited.
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2. Randy Street - "Who: The A Method for Hiring"
Plan now to attend this informational session with Randy Street, managing partner of ghSMART, a leadership advisory firm whose mission is to help great leaders amplify their positive impact on the world. March 6 from 7:30am-11am.
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3. EO Topgolf Tournament
Join us for our first-ever EO Topgolf Championship to showcase the competitive side of our members in this fun, state-of-the-art facility. April 4 from 4:15pm-8pm at 500 Cowan Street.
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EO Members in the News

Member news compiled by the Bradford Group


In his column for Employee Benefit Adviser, Alex Tolbert [BerniePortal] discussed the rise of reference-based pricing in healthcare. His recent BenefitsPRO column covers how the Affordable Care Act benefits brokers.

JT Terrell [Petra Coach] wrote an article for Recruiter.com about how learners are the best leaders. The article was also picked up by FOX Business.

Awards/Professional Recognition:

The Catbird Seat [Benjamin Goldberg and Max Goldberg] was mentioned in the The Charleston Post Courier and the Washington D.C. Patch for receiving the prestigious Five Diamond rating from AAA.

Moo TV [Scott Scovill] was mentioned in Music Row for being named Video Company of the Year at the Pollstar Awards for the eighth year in a row. The company also won the Parnelli award for Video Company of the Year earlier this month.

Focus Builders [Seth Argo] was featured in Nashville Interiors for receiving the Good Hood Award by the Hillsboro-West End Neighborhood Association.

In the News:

Seth Argo [Focus Builders] was quoted in a Tennessean article about new luxury home building trends geared towards millennials.

Advance Financial [Michael Hodges] was mentioned in a Nashville Business Journal article for raising its wages after the new tax cuts. The company was praised for the financial assistance they provided to the author of this Washington Examiner column, which was quoted in an Independent Women’s Forum article. The Robertson County Connection and The Wilson Post announced that the company will be offering scholarships for graduating high school students in Tennessee.

Darek Bell [Corsair Distillery] was mentioned in a Nashville Post article about the upgrades to a commercial building he owns in Wedgewood-Houston.

Trojan Labor [Jolene Dressel] was mentioned in the Williamson Source for participating in the recent job fair at Goodwill Career Solutions in Clarksville.

Several chefs from Two Ten Jack [Patrick Burke] were mentioned in Eater New Orleans for their roles as culinary ambassadors in the upcoming Nuit Belge tasting event in New Orleans.

The Tennessean mentioned the Patterson House [Benjamin Goldberg and Max Goldberg] for bringing unique cocktails to Nashville’s food scene. The Toronto Star featured a review of Merchant’s in a Nashville travel article.

Healthcare Bluebook [Jeff Rice] was mentioned in VICE for its services in helping patients find inexpensive healthcare options and reduce their medical bills.

A Virginia Business article announced that Bristol Development Group [Ashlyn Hines Meneguzzi] completed the first phase of a new townhome development in Goochland County, VA.

The Nashville Post announced that Nashville Soccer Club [Christopher Redhage] signed a deal with WUXP-TV (Ch. 30) to televise games. The club was mentioned in a Times Free Press announcement that Chattanooga Football Club has scheduled a game against them. Lumination Network announced that the club will be playing against the Lipscomb University soccer team in March.

David Waddell [Waddell & Associates] appeared on CNBC Japan to speak about the current market and what it means for investors.

The annual Sweetheart Zip Tour from Adventureworks [Jennifer Halverson] was featured in Nashville Fun for Families as a fun outing for Valentine’s Day.

According to the Nashville Post, Apex Revenue Technologies, formerly LetterLogic, Inc [Sherry Deutschmann], has completed its move to Antioch from Wedgewood-Houston. The Nashville Post also announced that the building from where it moved will be renovated.

Topix featured an article about the Augusta, Georgia Landmark Theater and the quality of its new sound system, which was installed by Mankin Media Systems Inc. [Ben Mankin].


EO Member Spotlight

Lauren Reed, Reed Public Relations

Established in 2012, Reed Public Relations is a PR and marketing agency based in Nashville, Tennessee with a smart and relentless team that works with brands across the country and lives to over deliver for their clients. This team is nimble with an entrepreneurial spirit and feet on the street energy. They believe it is more important to be undeniably good than really, really big. This team is passionate about what they do, and the fact that the majority of their client relationships are long-term is a testament to their commitment to excellence. From global names such as Ford Motor Company and Bank of America to local and regional brands such as Jeff Ruby’s and The Tennessean Hotel, they love smart PR and marketing campaigns and consistently deliver strategies in tune with your goals, not theirs. Through their Be The Good program, Reed PR takes a portion of revenue each year to provide grants for individuals to do missions or service work. This program has provided more than 30 grants to places like Ecuador, Slovenia, Africa and Mexico.

What is a personal piece of advice (business advice/saying/quote) that you lean on and could pass on to others? 

Whether the situation is personal or professional, a good friend of mine always reminds to do the next right thing. We typically know in our gut the right thing to do in most situations but often it’s the very thing that we don’t want to do, such as letting go of a team member that you know won’t be successful for the long haul.  As business owners, we make so many decisions each day and it can be easy to go down a rabbit hole with some of them. At least daily I remind myself to just do the next right thing and those little things will add up to success.

Best business book you’ve ever read?

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth has been invaluable to me. It’s technically more of a psychology book that we use in our business.  I spent a lot of time trying to determine what makes someone successful at our agency and realized that it is typically not the folks with the most prestigious degrees or lengthiest resumes that excel in our environment. It’s someone with a high level of hustle, perseverance and grit. This book digs into grit and how it can be learned. It’s fascinating.

One misstep you took in your business that you could caution others about?

Just one? There are so many. I started with a very casual environment and am now having to double down to put structure in place. When there were just a handful of us, I didn’t have to set office hours or dress codes because I had enough interaction with each employee to model the behavior that I expected. As we grow and I don’t have that amount of daily face time with the team, it’s required more structure. To some of our longtime team members, it can be frustrating when they were used to more freedom. We still offer the flexibility we always have, but it has some parameters now. For example, we still allow remote working but there is a policy in place for approval and it isn’t allowed on Mondays or Fridays anymore.  In hindsight, I wish I hadn’t waited until the company was five years old to set this structure.

How to you de-stress after a particularly hard day?

Running is my therapy. I tried to become a morning runner once but still found myself going out for a second run after the kiddos went to bed because I needed that time to clear my mind. It’s how I process tough situations, celebrate wins and everything in between. I get very antsy without my evening run.

What EO event are you most looking forward to attending in the next few months?

I’m excited about the chapter retreat! I’ve only been to Memphis on business and haven’t ever really gotten to explore the town. I’m also looking forward to getting to know other members.

What’s something about you that would surprise everyone reading this?

I’m a total introvert. I’ve gotten pretty good at faking being an extrovert throughout my 12 years in the PR world, but chances are I’d rather be at home with a good book. I can also still do a back handspring. It’s a fun party trick but I usually pay for it the next day.

Care to share a New year’s resolution?

I don’t really have a resolution but do set annual goals. I spent 2017 focusing on distance races (two marathons and a 50k) so this year I want to PR my 5k. I’ve been spending lots of time at the track doing speed workouts! I need to prove to myself that my fastest days are not behind me.

Upcoming Events

EO House Parties
Each of the 4 Houses will be hosting a House Party in February! This is a great time to get to know your fellow house members in a smaller, more intimate setting. Many thanks to our gracious hosts! 

  • Ford House (Forums: 1, 5, 10, 18, 26 and 29) - Feb. 24, 2018. Register
  • Rockefeller House (Forums: 2, 6, 9, 15, 19 and 23) - Feb. 24, 2018. Register

Randy Street - "Who: The A Method for Hiring"
Plan now to attend this informational session with Randy Street, managing partner of ghSMART, a leadership advisory firm whose mission is to help great leaders amplify their positive impact on the world. March 6 from 7:30am-11am at the Nashville City Club, 201 4th Ave. N. 
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EO Chapter Retreat in Memphis
Thurs., March 8 - Sat., March 10. Join us for this exciting trip, which will include the Memphis Grizzlies vs. Utah Jazz, a once-in-a-lifetime Overnight Operation special-access tour at the Fed Ex Memphis World Hub, dinner at the famous Rendezvous, a behind the Scenes tour of Graceland and drinks at the Peabody! 
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EO Topgolf Tournament
April 4 from 4:15pm-8pm at 500 Cowan Street. Join us for our first-ever EO Topgolf Championship The fast-paced Top Contender-style tournament will be led by the In-House Golf Pro, with event ambassadors available at each bay to answer questions and offer helpful hints. Topgolf is one of the hottest destinations in the city, so don’t miss this experience, regardless of your swing or handicap!
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