EO Nashville Member News - August 17

August 17, 2018

Three Things for EO Nashville This Week

1. August House Parties
The Sutler Saloon- 5:00pm-7:30pm

5:00pm- Cocktails

5:30pm- Program begins

Our House Parties begin next week, so if you haven't yet registered, NOW is the time! We also have some additional incentives to get everyone there:

Each forum that has 100% participation will receive $300 (even if members have to attend a different House Party).
We will be raffling off 3, $100 Oak Hall gift certificates at each event.
The House with the greatest overall percentage of attendance will receive a Happy Hour at Van Elrods!  

As you’ve likely heard, we really want to honor the fact that EO members are in different “lifecycles.” During your Cocktail Party, we will be dividing you into different life cycle groups so you’ll have the opportunity to talk with those facing the same challenges – and also look to those who’ve already made it to the other side! Don't miss this event!

CARNEGIE HOUSE (Forums 3,7,11,16,20,24,27) – August 29th REGISTER HERE

FORD HOUSE (Forums 1,5,10,18,22,26,29) – August 21st REGISTER HERE

MORGAN HOUSE (Forums 4,8,12,17,21,25,28) – August 22nd REGISTER HERE

ROCKEFELLER HOUSE (Forums 2,6,9,14,15,19,23) – August 30th REGISTER HERE

2. Jason Dorsey – Crossing the Generational Divide
September 20, 2018, 7:30am-9:30am, The Listening Room Café, 618 4th Ave South
As entrepreneurs, we work in a time of unprecedented generational challenge. Four generations in our workforce. Five generations in the marketplace. Making matters worse, there is a tremendous amount of false information about generational differences.
What we know for a fact: Strategies that work for one generation can be a complete turn-off for others. This costly generational divide makes your role more difficult and important than ever. In this powerful presentation, bestselling author Jason Dorsey reveals brand new generational truths and step-by-step solutions you can use immediately. He’ll show you exactly how to solve the cross-generation communication, recruiting, retention and innovation challenge. These insights will drive immediate ROI for you and your business. This is also a great event opportunity for your Second-In-Command or leadership team!
Jason has appeared on 200 TV shows, received over 1,000 standing ovations, and is a passionate advocate for helping EO members to drive fast growth. He’s the most sought-after Millennials and Gen Z researcher and speaker. Learn more about his Center’s research at GenHQ.com
“Generational expert Jason Dorsey has studied the strange new species known as Gen Z (humans born 2000 to present).  I guarantee you that his insight into how they see the world will have a lasting impact on both your business and your family.” – Arnie Malham, Learning Co-chair REGISTER NOW

3.  Save the Date for the EO Holiday Party- December 1, 2018 

This year's event will be held at the new Noelle Hotel in Downtown Nashville. Additional details to follow....you won't want to miss this one!


EO Member News

Member news compiled by the Bradford Group


An article by Rebecca Donner [Inner Design Studio] about facilitating healing and hope through pediatric health care interior design was featured in Nashville Medical News.

Alex Tolbert [BerniePortal] penned an article for Employee Benefit Adviser on how benefit brokers can help clients create association health plans.

A coach at Petra Coach [Andy Bailey] published an article in AllBusiness about discovering hidden strengths in an organization.

Awards/Professional Recognition:

The following member companies were included in the 2018 Inc. 5000 list of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies:

  • Advance Financial [Michael Hodges]
  • Bernard Health [Alex Tolbert]
  • Crosslin Technologies [Justin Crosslin]
  • Jones Therapy Services [Ginger Jones]
  • Local Search Masters [Brad Hill]
  • MediCore Medical Supply [Josh Pittman]
  • Milosi [Taylor Milliken]
  • Mosaic Consulting Group, LLC [Vicki Hill]
  • Novatech [Darren Metz]
  • Petra Coach [Andy Bailey]
  • Preventia Security [Aaron Whitaker]
  • ProviderTrust [Chris Redhage]
  • Scout Properties [Jonathan Harris]
  • SnapShot Interactive [Mark Scrivner]
  • The Hardware Company [Steve Curnutte]
  • XCI Building Services [Daniel Brimer]

Snapshot [Mark Scrivner] and Redpepper [Tim McMullen] were included in the Nashville Business Journal’s list of Nashville’s largest advertising agencies.

In the News:

StyleBlueprint quoted the interior designer from Focus Builders [Seth Argo] in an article about creating luxurious spaces.

Bernard Health [Alex Tolbert] was mentioned in Financial Planning for the company’s ongoing partnerships with financial advisors.

Virtual Strategy Magazine announced the grand opening of Advance Financial’s [Mike Hodges] new location in Dayton. Another Virtual Strategy Magazine article announced the grand opening of a new Advance Financial location in Jonesborough. Markets Insider also shared the news about the Jonesborough location.  Virtual Strategy Magazine also featured the company foundation’s involvement in back-to-school philanthropy events.

CNBC, The Times, Daily Mail, Adweek, HuffPost, Mashable, The Verge, Gizmodo, Popular Mechanics, Radio.com, MobileSyrup, Geek.com, DesignBoom and KSL.com all featured Redpepper [Tim McMullen] for building an artificial intelligence-powered robot that can find Waldo in the popular children’s book, “Where’s Waldo?” in 4.5 seconds.

Jeff Bradford [the Bradford Group] was quoted in a Forbes article about how the Time Warner and AT&T merger could affect marketing as we know it.

News Channel 6 featured 4Patriots LLC [Allen Baler] in an article about local organizations stepping up to provide food for hungry people in their communities.

Leighton Bush [Bush Insurance & Financial Services Inc.] and Michael Moscardelli [PFP, LLC] were mentioned in Clarksville Online for being part of Leadership Middle Tennessee’s incoming class of 2019.

Clarksville Now mentioned Trojan Labor of Nashville, LLC [Jolene Dressel] for participating in an upcoming job fair.

The manager of The Blowout Co. of Nashville [Leslie Embry] was quoted in a StyleBlueprint article about ways to shake up your nightly beauty regimen.

WSMV mentioned Edley’s Bar-B-Que [Will Newman] for submitting a letter of interest to be a new concessions provider at the Nashville International Airport.

Robert Hartline [Absolute Wireless] was quoted in WBRC and WMC Action News 5 articles about how his company’s security system put an end to an ongoing issue of customers using fake IDs to buy iPhones. Hytch Rewards was featured in the Williamson Source and the Nashville Post for receiving an investment from XMI Growth.

Gourmet Traveller mentioned Bastion, The Catbird Seat and Pinewood Social [Benjamin Goldberg and Max Goldberg] in an article about essential experiences in Nashville. Paradise Park was featured in WSMV for hosting its final party before closing its doors. Clarksville Online mentioned The Band Box in an article about an upcoming series of home games for the Nashville Sounds at First Tennessee Park. Henrietta Red was mentioned in a Washington Post article about places to grab lunch and dinner in Nashville, which was also picked up by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The Nashville Post and the Nashville Business Journal mentioned Strategic Hospitality in articles about the company’s former chief operations officer.

Community Hospitality, Josephine and Burger Up [Jim Lewis] were mentioned in a Nashville Post  and Nashville Business Journal articles about the company’s former COO and his new position at Colliers International.

A Tennessean article about Nashville as a tech hub mentioned Leankit [Chris Hefley].

The Nashville Soccer Club [Chris Redhage] was mentioned in a Tennessean article about the costs of the stadium development. Another Tennessean article reported on the delay of the stadium construction due to protests.

A Gourmet Traveller article about Nashville and all its great restaurants and cuisine mentioned Melrose Billiard Parlor [Austin Ray].

Smith Gee Studio [Hunter Gee] was mentioned in a Nashville Post article as the designer of the Taylor Place development in Germantown.

Justin Crosslin [Crosslin Technologies] and his father and brother were featured in a Q&A with the winners of Nashville Business Journal’s 2018 Power Leaders in Finance.


EO Member Spotlight

Chris Kemper, The Joint Chiropractic

Chris Kemper was born in Sterling CO, then lived in NM, AZ, and CA before settling in Nashville nearly 6 years ago.  He studied Philosophy at Pepperdine University, then studied Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, CA.  Prior to franchising The Joint Chiropractic, Chris counseled the chemically-dependent, homeless population in downtown San Diego.  Before that, he managed several supply chain projects for a national construction company, and worked in office real estate brokerage for a couple years.  Chris and his wife, Linnéa, have two children, Otto, 2 years, and Freyja, 1 week.

What is a personal piece of advice (business advice/saying/quote) that you lean on and could pass on to others?

"Go Ugly Early!"  When mistakes are made, the situation can be dealt with much more cleanly when the proper parties are notified and can assist in making things right. 

Best business book you’ve ever read? 

I love reading but I don’t really love business books.  A very good business book I read recently was: "I Love Capitalism" by Ken Langone.  It’s an autobiography I strongly recommend by one of the co-founders of The Home Depot. 

One misstep you took in your business that you could caution others about?

I’ve never made any mistakes — eeesh, where to begin?  I have made the mistake of giving a specific middle management employee a little too long of a leash.  I have learned to trust and confirm.  It’s best for the business, but more directly, it’s best for the employee to be held accountable and responsible via specific, measurable metrics.

How to you de-stress after a particularly hard day?

I love to do something physical (swim, run).   I also love to go home and play with my young kids — children really put business problems into perspective.

What EO event are you most looking forward to attending in the next few months?

Jason Dorsey - Crossing the Generational Divide.  As a millennial, I have yet to come across a characterization of my generation that is compelling or insightful.  Based on the ringing endorsements I’ve heard for this guy, I’m excited to hear what he has to say.

What’s something about you that would surprise everyone reading this?

I have zero formal business education.   

Any exciting plans for Fall that you would like to share?   

Heading to San Diego to live for a few months to map out my next business venture.


Other Upcoming Events

The EO NERVE Conference
September 12-14, Buffalo, NY
One of the very best ways to get more out of your EO membership is to get out of Nashville and enjoy the regional and global opportunities of EO.  So register for NERVE now
SPEAKERS: They have a schedule full of great speakers, such as Jim Kelly (Pro Football Hall of Fame), Rhonda Kallman (Samuel Adams Brewery), Megan Bruneau (The Failure Factor), among many others.
SOCIAL: How cool is this??? The opening ceremony is at Niagara Falls! The other nighttime events will be fantastic, plus there are lots of cool MyEO events available such as salmon fishing, sailing, golfing, and foodie events.
PRICE: $1,495.00
FURTHER DISCOUNTS: If your entire forum attends (this is a great opportunity to tack onto your forum retreat!) the forum gets $1000! Also, new members can use their event voucher of $500 off.
REGISTER HERE: www.eonerve.com