Expectations of a Navigator:

The EO Navigator program was developed to make the new member transition a familiar and pleasant experience while allowing new members to engage with chapter peers.

EO Navigators must:

  • Be a member for one or more years.
  • Be a friendly face at events.
  • Introduce new members to other members in the chapter.
  • Be a resource for answering questions.
  • Schedule at least one lunch with the new member.
  • Call and invite them to attend an Event with you and offer to arrive together.
    • Introduce prospect to as many members as possible.
    • Follow up after the event to find out how the prospect felt about the experience.


We ask that all members:

  • Introduce themselves to anyone they don’t know at meetings.
  • Engage in open dialogue and share your personal EO experiences.
  • Overwhelm prospects/new members with greetings when they step through the door at Chapter events.
  • Support interaction efforts.


"When I joined EO, I had no idea it would make such a positive impact on my business and personal life. The wealth of experience in this organization is astounding. " - Eric Jackson, Keystone Business Solutions

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