What is MyEO? 

MyEO is a fundamental program that empowers members to connect with fellow EOers around the globe, either by hosting an experience or participating in one. MyEO is a platform for members to connect and collaborate; to unite their unique passions and create their own personalized experience by initiating or participating in MyEO Events or Groups. MyEO is about self-selection, increased global choice and members making a mark.

EO Nashville has a number of active MyEO Groups and MyEO Events planned! 

We'll be posting MyEO Events in the blog...Current EO Nashville MyEO Groups include: 

Popular global MyEO Groups:

And more to come! 

The Obligatory MyEO FAQs 

What are MyEO Events?

MyEO Events are Create or participate in MyEO Events geared specifically toward your interests! MyEO Events are tailored toward your passions— including family, lifestyle, business, adventure, bucket list and social enterprise. MyEO Event Examples: Global Family Camp Experience, Climbing Volcano in Nicaragua, Cape Town Cycle Tour, MyEO Party in Ibiza, Les Voiles de St.Barts Regatta etc.

What are MyEO Groups?

MyEO Groups is the chance to take your EO experience a step further— engage a new network of peers united to focus on business, passion or lifestyle. A MyEO Group is a member-initiated group that is created by members for members around a specific passion or interest. Groups can be local, regional and global that focus on the EOrs 360o interests and passions. Examples: * MyEO Snowboarding and Skiing * MyEO Art Lovers Group * MyEO Passionate Parents * MyEO Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation

What are the benefits of MyEO to members?

Opportunity to create own initiatives and participate in the initiatives of other EOers - Opportunity to become a leader of MyEO Event and Group by following 5 easy steps of becoming a MyEO Champion - Opportunity to expand a global mindset by connecting with fellow EOers on a basis of passions, interests and hobbies

Who is a MyEO Champion?

MyEO Champion is an active EO Member who creates and leads the initiative under tenants of EO. Any EO Member can become a MyEO Champion! Any Chapter can have as many MyEO Champions as there are members.

How do you become a MyEO Champion?

Become a MyEO Champion in 5 easy steps: - Imagine the experience you want to share with EO-ers - Define the format: MyEO Event or MyEO Group - Post your initiative on the MyEO Platform - Benchmark your initiative by checking the MyEO manuals - Get in touch with the MyEO Team for best practices.



"EO has been a powerfully effective tool and platform equipping me with the tools to not only grow my business, but also assisting me with thinking strategically." - Charles Robert Bone, Bone McAllester Norton

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