EO Office

Reserve the EO Office

41 Peabody Street
(Inside the Entrepreneur Center)

Please note that  the lot on Peabody is no longer available for free parking and the EC cannot validate for this lot!  If you park here, you will be required to pay.  EVERYONE must start parking in the parking garage behind the Trolley Barn Complex. Turn onto Lea Avenue off of 1st/Hermitage and the lot is located behind the EMMA office. Ticket Validation will still be required and you MUST keep the ticket with you to get to the pedestrian access in the garage.

EO Office Smart TV

Click below to view instructional videos on using the Smart TV in the EO Office:

Meeting Room Rules & Regulations

  1. The EO office at the Entrepreneur Center is primarily for the use of EO, its general membership and its affiliated sponsors.
  2. Meeting rooms are to be used for educational, recreational, social, and cultural programs for the benefit of EO, its general membership and its affiliated sponsors. Regardless, no program shall disturb the Entrepreneur Center’s primary function.
  3. Meeting rooms are not available for the benefit of individuals or groups for non-EO related purposes.
  4. Any publicity to be released or posted regarding the use of the EO office will be provided to Sameera Lowe at eo@eonashville.com for approval.
  5. Reservations shall be made on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, to be governed by Marla Armstrong at support@eonashville.com and must be made within 48 hours before the meeting date for the room to be considered reserved. When making reservations, please also indicate the number of people in attendance, as this information is reported for statistical purposes.
  6. Meetings may be scheduled only when the Entrepreneur Center is open. The meeting rooms are not available on holidays, weekends or after 5p.m.
  7. All meeting rooms shall be vacated and all personal property removed 15 minutes prior to the Entrepreneur Center’s closing. It is the responsibility of the group to know those hours. Rooms must be left in an orderly condition.

  8. Groups are responsible for setting up the meeting rooms to suit their needs as well as putting away furniture and equipment after their meetings.
  9. The Entrepreneur Center provides wireless Internet access and tables and chair are available in the EO Office. The office also has a large television/white board for display and usage in the EO office.
  10. EO is not responsible for any equipment, supplies, materials, etc. brought to the EO office by groups or individuals attending meetings here.
  11. EO does not assume any liability on groups or individuals attending a meeting in the EO office.
  12. Any group using the EO office shall be responsible for the conduct of the meeting, adherence to these regulations, the payment of any fees, and for any damages.
  13. Any unusual expenses incurred by EO because of any meeting will be charged to the particular group responsible for hosting that meeting.
  14. Tobacco use is not permitted in the EO office.
  15. EO reserves the right to suspend or cancel permission granted to any group who violates these rules and regulations.
  16. EO reserves the right to cancel meetings due to the closing of the Entrepreneur Center because of weather emergencies, or other Force Majeure.
  17. Light refreshments may be served in the EO Office. The office must be cleaned after any meeting. All trash should be bagged and tied. Each group must provide their own supplies (napkins, cups, etc.).
  18. Please notify Marla Armstrong at support@eonashvile.com if a meeting is cancelled or if the group no longer wishes to meet in the EO office.


"EO has been invaluable to my professional and personal life. Nearly every initiative that I have implemented with my team can be traced back to an EO learning experience. EO provides a compass for companies from startup to exit, enabling entrepreneurs to not only build stronger businesses, but also to form lasting relationships with one another along the way. " - Joe Freedman, Music City Tents & Events

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