EO Nashville

  • 226 Members
  • 2.2 MM Average Sales
  • 52 Average Employees
  • 45 Average Age
  • 2 Billion+ Total Sales
  • 11,000+ Total Employees

Board of Directors

  • President:  Eric Jackson
  • Past President:  Alan Young
  • Incoming President:  Bethany Newman
  • Finance Chair:  Micah Lacher
  • Finance Co-Chair:  Marty Reed
  • Membership Chair:  Adam Sinks
  • Membership Co-Chair:  Jennifer Lee
  • Catalyst Chair:  David Frederiksen
  • Catalyst Co-Chair:  Matt Charette
  • Learning Chair:  Arnie Malham
  • Learning Co-Chair: Ginger Jones
  • Social Chair:  Trey Myers
  • Social Co-Chair:  Staci Bockman
  • Forum Chair:  Vicki Hill
  • House Chair- Carnegie- Brittany Lorenzi
  • House Chair- Ford- Glenn McConnell
  • House Chair- Morgan- Mose Ramieh
  • House Chair- Rockefeller- Dominique Arrieta
  • Second-In-Command Chair:  Grant Baker
  • Strategic Alliance Partner Chair:  Neil Amrhein
  • Strategic Alliance Partner Co-Chair:  Amy Tanksley
  • Communications Chair:  Rosemary Plorin
  • Communications Co-Chair:  Mark Scrivner
  • Mentorship/GSEA:  Ashlyn Meneguzzi
  • Member Experience/MyEO Chair:  Angela Proffitt
  • Member Experience/MyEO Co-Chair:  Daniel Brimer
  • Community Outreach Chair:  Darek Bell
  • Community Outreach Co-Chair:  Charles Robert Bone
  • At-Large:  John Rowley
  • New Initiatives:  Steve Curnutte
  • Spousal Forum Chair:  Marion Ingram



"EO creates "co-workers" for me so-to-speak. Being a business owner can be isolating at times and EO is a seamless way for me to connect with other business owners facing similar problems and challenges. " - Amy Tanksley, Uncle Classic Barbershop

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