EO Nashville

EO Nashville is the Largest EO Chapter in the US, 3rd in the world, and currently has the most female members of any US chapter.

  • 247 Members
  • 9.2 MM Average Sales
  • 42 Average Employees
  • 47 Average Age
  • 2 Billion+ Total Sales
  • 10,000+ Total Employees

Look behind the entrepreneurial busineses driving Nashville, and you're likely to find members of EO Nashville. From architecture to apparel, health care to hair care, engineering to events, insurance providers to investment services - EO Nashville attracts the people who make things happen in this city and gives them the experiences, tools and connections to thrive.

FY 2020 - 2021 Board of Directors

  • President:  Marty Reed
  • Past President:  Bethany Newman
  • Incoming President:  Amy Tanksley
  • Finance Chair:  Alex Tolbert
  • Finance Co-Chair:  Bert Lyles
  • Membership Chair:  Dan Hogan
  • Membership Co-Chair:  Ginger Jones
  • Catalyst Chair:  Matt Charette
  • Catalyst Co-Chair: Ashlyn Hines-Meneguzzi
  • Learning Chair:  Mose Ramieh
  • Learning Co-Chair: Ash Greyson
  • Social Chair:  George Uribe
  • Social Co-Chair:  Falon Scott
  • Forum Chair:  Brittany Lorenzi
  • House Chair- Carnegie- Chris Corby
  • House Chair- Ford- Glenn McConnell
  • House Chair- Morgan- Jay Graves
  • House Chair- Rockefeller- Brian Hoppes
    House Chair- new - Jodi Sneed
  • Ancillary Program Chair:  Mark Scrivner
  • Strategic Alliance Partner Chair:  Adam Sinks
  • Strategic Alliance Partner Co-Chair:  Jen Lee
  • Communications Chair:  Josh Newman
  • Communications Co-Chair:  Bill McCleskey
  • Mentorship:  Angela Proffitt
    GSEA:  Jeff Schneider
  • Member Experience/MyEO Chair:  Lauren Reed
  • Member Experience/MyEO Co-Chair:  Susan Griffin
  • Community Outreach Chair:  Richard Moscardelli
  • Community Outreach Co-Chair:  Debbie Gordon
  • At-Large:  John Rowley
  • New Initiatives:  Bethany Newman
  • Spousal / Life Partner Forum Chair:  Deb Vahle




"EO creates "co-workers" for me so-to-speak. Being a business owner can be isolating at times and EO is a seamless way for me to connect with other business owners facing similar problems and challenges. " - Amy Tanksley, Uncle Classic Barbershop

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